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2de Provinciale A


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DateHome teamScoreAway team
30/04/2023 15:00Lustin ALustin A4-2Eghezée A Eghezée A
30/04/2023 15:00Profondeville AProfondeville A0-4Aische B Aische B
30/04/2023 15:00Jambes AJambes A3-1Sauvenière A Sauvenière A
30/04/2023 15:00Grand-Leez BGrand-Leez B-Wépion A Wépion A
30/04/2023 15:00Ligny ALigny A2-1Malonne A Malonne A
30/04/2023 15:00J Tamines BJ Tamines B-Petit-Waret A Petit-Waret A
30/04/2023 15:00FCO NamurFCO Namur0-1Bossière A Bossière A
30/04/2023 15:00Naninne ANaninne A2-4Rhisnes A Rhisnes A


1Rhisnes A66302136864244
2Bossière A65292054793049
3Ligny A64302118724428
4Wépion A57291766583721
5Petit-Waret A5029148752439
6Profondeville A4330111094245-3
7Naninne A41301251356551
8Aische B4130125134253-11
9Eghezée A40301171256551
10FCO Namur3430810125253-1
11Lustin A3330103174165-24
12Jambes A312987144761-14
13Sauvenière A303086165773-16
14Malonne A283077164052-12
15Grand-Leez B222964193254-22
16J Tamines B192947184090-50

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