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4de Provinciale A


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DateHome teamScoreAway team
29/04/2023 19:00Sint-Laureins BSint-Laureins B3-0Donk Donk
29/04/2023 19:30Hansbeke BHansbeke B3-3SK Oostakker SK Oostakker
30/04/2023 15:00Destelbergen BDestelbergen B1-0Heusden B Heusden B
30/04/2023 15:00FC Gent CityFC Gent City-Laarne-Kalken B Laarne-Kalken B
30/04/2023 15:00FC RooigemFC Rooigem2-2Bassevelde Bassevelde
30/04/2023 15:00FC Anatolia GentFC Anatolia Gent5-0VSV Gent B VSV Gent B
30/04/2023 15:00FC DampoortFC Dampoort4-5AK Middelburg AK Middelburg
30/04/2023 15:00BalgerhoekeBalgerhoeke8-1FCA Gent FCA Gent


1SK Oostakker7330234316633133
2FC Dampoort66302136924448
3Sint-Laureins B653020551294188
4AK Middelburg603019381025646
5Destelbergen B583019110935934
6Hansbeke B523016410754827
8Heusden B503015510635211
9FC Anatolia Gent45301431365596
10FCA Gent42301331488125-37
11VSV Gent B3929123148393-10
12Laarne-Kalken B3729121165052-2
15FC Rooigem1130252339124-85
16FC Gent City728212530151-121

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