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DateHome teamScoreAway team
14/04/2023 20:30KV Kester-Gooik AKV Kester-Gooik A9-1Miecroob Veltem Miecroob Veltem
14/04/2023 20:30Holsbeek AHolsbeek A3-7Boutersem Utd d Boutersem Utd d
14/04/2023 20:30Wolvertem BWolvertem B5-0Tielt-Winge 3000 Tielt-Winge 3000
15/04/2023 15:00SK Leeuw ASK Leeuw A9-1Tienen B Tienen B
16/04/2023 10:30K.Ol.Wijgmaal AK.Ol.Wijgmaal A2-0Mazenzele Opwijk B Mazenzele Opwijk B


1KFC Herent642221101109101
2KV Kester-Gooik A582219121101991
3SK Leeuw A492216151073770
4Boutersem Utd d46221516695514
5K.Ol.Wijgmaal A32229583339-6
6Holsbeek A3122101116382-19
7Miecroob Veltem272290136373-10
8Tienen B252281133277-45
9Mazenzele Opwijk B172252153868-30
10OHR Huldenberg152243152775-48
11Wolvertem B122233163070-40
12Tielt-Winge 30001022311824102-78

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