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3de Provinciale C


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DateHome teamScoreAway team
30/04/2023 15:00Trazegnies Sp ATrazegnies Sp A0-0RFC Ronquières-Hy A RFC Ronquières-Hy A
30/04/2023 15:00RES Roux ARES Roux A3-1RFC Houdeng B RFC Houdeng B
30/04/2023 15:00Estinnoise BEstinnoise B4-1RSA Forchies A RSA Forchies A
30/04/2023 15:00US Neufvilles BUS Neufvilles B2-4RFC La Buissière A RFC La Buissière A
30/04/2023 15:00RFC Ecaussinnes ARFC Ecaussinnes A1-6La Louvière Centre B La Louvière Centre B
30/04/2023 15:00Pont-A-Celles Buzet BPont-A-Celles Buzet B2-3RFCE Maurage A RFCE Maurage A
30/04/2023 15:00RAAL La Louvière BRAAL La Louvière B3-2RJ Entente Binchoise B RJ Entente Binchoise B
30/04/2023 15:00R Goutroux SP AR Goutroux SP A3-1AS Morlanwelz B AS Morlanwelz B


1RSA Forchies A74302352913160
2RAAL La Louvière B67292144894247
3R Goutroux SP A54291667483612
4RFC La Buissière A53291658855134
5La Louvière Centre B52301641064568
6RFC Ronquières-Hy A483014610503713
7RFC Ecaussinnes A4630137104855-7
8RFCE Maurage A42301261264613
9Estinnoise B343097144955-6
10Pont-A-Celles Buzet B333089134956-7
11US Neufvilles B333089135367-14
12RES Roux A313094175968-9
13AS Morlanwelz B282977155081-31
14RJ Entente Binchoise B273076175689-33
15Trazegnies Sp A253067173266-34
16RFC Houdeng B183046204379-36

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