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2de Provinciale A


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DateHome teamScoreAway team
30/04/2023 15:00OC Warcoing AOC Warcoing A-AC Estaimbourg A AC Estaimbourg A
30/04/2023 15:00ASS Montkainoise AASS Montkainoise A2-3Acren Lessines B Acren Lessines B
30/04/2023 15:00FC Enghiennois AFC Enghiennois A3-0RFC Wiers A RFC Wiers A
30/04/2023 15:00AC Anvaing AAC Anvaing A3-2SC Nechin SC Nechin
30/04/2023 15:00RAS PB Antoinien BRAS PB Antoinien B6-1R Exc Bievene A R Exc Bievene A
30/04/2023 15:00RUS Herseautoise ARUS Herseautoise A4-1US Hensies A US Hensies A
30/04/2023 15:00AS Obigies AAS Obigies A3-0JS Isières A JS Isières A
30/04/2023 15:00FC Etoiles d'Ere AFC Etoiles d'Ere A4-1RSC Templeuvois A RSC Templeuvois A


1SC Nechin61301875704228
2RUS Herseautoise A57301767703634
3FC Enghiennois A57301767563620
4AS Obigies A54301668665016
5AC Estaimbourg A53291658704228
6AC Anvaing A51301569563521
7JS Isières A50301551050464
8FC Etoiles d'Ere A44301351250446
9RSC Templeuvois A4430135124448-4
10RAS PB Antoinien B433012711695712
11US Hensies A4330127115556-1
12Acren Lessines B3830122165158-7
13RFC Wiers A263068163868-30
14R Exc Bievene A213063214182-41
15ASS Montkainoise A163044223072-42
16OC Warcoing A162944213377-44

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