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2de Provinciale B


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DateHome teamScoreAway team
16/04/2023 15:00US Ophain AUS Ophain A4-1US Rebecquoise B US Rebecquoise B
16/04/2023 15:00RU Auderghem ARU Auderghem A15-0RCS Nivellois A RCS Nivellois A
16/04/2023 15:00RCS Brainois BRCS Brainois B6-0RE Stéphanois A RE Stéphanois A
16/04/2023 15:00RRC Waterloo ARRC Waterloo A3-2RAS Saintoise A RAS Saintoise A
16/04/2023 15:00Villers la Ville AVillers la Ville A2-0Terhulpen A Terhulpen A
16/04/2023 15:00Union Lasne Ohain BUnion Lasne Ohain B2-2Wavre Limal A Wavre Limal A
16/04/2023 15:00Union Rixensartoise AUnion Rixensartoise A3-1ASE Chastre A ASE Chastre A
16/04/2023 15:00ES Braine AES Braine A1-4SC.Jodoigne SC.Jodoigne


1RU Auderghem A67302145823052
2RRC Waterloo A66302136985048
3RAS Saintoise A63302037713734
4US Ophain A60301866894841
5RCS Brainois B56301758674027
6Terhulpen A543017310633924
7Union Rixensartoise A4330134136468-4
8Villers la Ville A423013314574611
9Union Lasne Ohain B3930116135561-6
10ES Braine A3730107134550-5
11US Rebecquoise B3630113165560-5
12Wavre Limal A3430104165370-17
13ASE Chastre A3430810124754-7
14RE Stéphanois A283084185068-18
16RCS Nivellois A530122716156-140

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