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3de Provinciale C


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DateHome teamScoreAway team
29/04/2023 18:00KVC Haacht AKVC Haacht A0-1VK Berg-Op A VK Berg-Op A
29/04/2023 18:30KDN United dKDN United d2-4Haacht Statie Haacht Statie
29/04/2023 20:00Tremelo ATremelo A2-4SMS Lubbeek A SMS Lubbeek A
30/04/2023 13:00Rotselaar BRotselaar B6-1Korbeek Korbeek
30/04/2023 13:00KFC Herent BKFC Herent B1-2Tildonk Tildonk
30/04/2023 15:00KAC Betekom BKAC Betekom B3-3NV Keerbergen NV Keerbergen
30/04/2023 15:00HO Bierbeek BHO Bierbeek B6-0Moorsel A Moorsel A
30/04/2023 15:00Vossem AVossem A1-3Eizer Eizer


1HO Bierbeek B57301695713734
3Haacht Statie53301659754530
4Vossem A493015411503812
5SMS Lubbeek A49301541176679
6KDN United d483015312594316
7Moorsel A4830153126474-10
8VK Berg-Op A48301398735221
10Tremelo A43301341366579
11Rotselaar B41301181161583
12KAC Betekom B3630106144973-24
13KFC Herent B3630991258517
14NV Keerbergen293078155573-18
15KVC Haacht A203055202855-27

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